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We help support the people that help support us! 

"Being an active member of our community is more than just participation; it's a commitment to contributing and giving back. We believe in the power of unity and understand that by engaging with and supporting our community, we create a positive ripple effect that uplifts everyone. Through volunteering, sharing knowledge, and lending a helping hand, We aim to make a meaningful difference and foster a stronger, more connected community for all."

Timber wolf kennels -North Pole AK

We are a small sprint kennel made up of shelter dogs & local bred hound mixes that love to RUN!


Skookum Expeditions -pleasant Valley AK

We are a small touring & racing kennel of Alaskan huskies based just outside Fairbanks ,Alaska 


Swamp Dog Alaska -Delta Junction Ak 

Located in the heart of delta Junction Alaska we offer guided waterfowl hunts targeting geese and cranes. Come be apart of the biggest waterfowl migration in Alaska and experience a hunt of a life time 

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